Apache Hadoop Expert Support Services

Codexoxo’s experts deliver end-to-end support services and consultation for Hadoop, giving you tailored solutions to help you meet your specific business needs.

Apache Hadoop has become a popular and widely used tool in the field of developing open-source distributed software for medium and large businesses. Many hundreds and thousands of companies as well as big organisations feel the need for having distributed software methods that would result in better scalability of business operations.

No matter how you want to use Hadoop, or how needful it may be for your business, we provide you with the most efficient services. You may use Apache Hadoop as a staging area for disconnected data sources, improve performance by offloading heavy data processing tasks, or make the best use of Hadoop as a central data repository for various analytic purposes.

Major Services Provided For Hadoop At Codexoxo

Codexoxo is a leading software solutions company that has been continuously providing Hadoop solutions and services to clients for several years. We have also been able to successfully create innovative solutions across the Apache Hadoop realm with its components which include Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), HBase, MapReduce, Hive, Spark, Kafka and many more.

  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

  • Installation and Setup

  • Software for Computer Clusters

  • Data Modelling

  • Performance Tuning and Optimisation

  • Hadoop Cluster Upgrades

  • Model and Visualisation Development

  • MapReduce Programming Model for Processing and Storage

  • Faster Processing of Dataset

  • Hadoop Cloud Solution Development

  • Hadoop Maintenance

  • Security Analysis

  • Hadoop Deployment

  • Reference Locality for Easy Data Access

  • Selection of Multitude Cloud Platforms

  • Boost Uptime

  • Model and Data Updates

  • Business Case Development

With the help of several years of experience and trained with in-depth knowledge, our experts at Codexoxo are able to thoroughly examine the big data challenges and objectives of your business and thus, provide effective solutions towards analytic and modernisation of database.

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Why Choose Codexoxo For Hadoop Services

There are many reasons for choosing us as your trusted provider of services and support solutions for Apache Hadoop.

  • Team of professional experts and consultants

  • Hadoop cloud configuration

  • Optimisation of applications

  • Batch query and stream processing

  • Constant upgrades

  • Diagnose and troubleshoot problems

  • Design and implementation

  • Data consolidation strategy

  • Hadoop cluster performance monitoring

  • Proactive and predictive monitoring

  • Data migration

  • Fast case resolution

  • Integration of new data

  • Integrate websites and applications

  • Data and infrastructure improvement

  • Integration with NoSQL, MongoDB, HBase, etc.

  • Cloud solutions and operations support

  • 24x7 support availability

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