We Are MySQL Experts

Codexoxo renders top notch services and solutions for MySQL to businesses and clients around the globe.

We have successfully delivered several years of unmatched expertise in the field of MySQL Database and incorporating RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) concept to aid in the smooth functioning of tasks.

MySQL is one of the most popular and widely used database management tool, not only by small, medium and large-sized businesses, but individuals as well. When you are required to manage data by your company, enterprise or organisation, let’s say, of any size, the MySQL database management tool helps you easily carry out important operations, such as:

  • Create Tables

  • View Data

  • MySQL Hosting

  • Store Data

  • Retrieve and Access Data

  • MySQL Replication

  • Modify or Edit Data

  • Data Backup

MySQL is a cross-platform compatible object-oriented database management tool, which means that the tool can be used on operating systems like Windows, macOS, Unix/Linux etc.

Services We Offer

With the growing demand from clients across the seven seas, Codexoxo strives to cater to the needs of the hour. From carrying minor tasks to working on the larger sections of the MySQL database, our qualified experts have everything under control. So, you have nothing to worry about and can focus more on your business goals.

  • Design and Develop MySQL Database

  • Database Integration

  • Database Optimisation

  • Database Hosting Solutions

  • On-demand Technical Support

  • MySQL Installation

  • Initiate Performance Bench-mark

  • MySQL Maintenance

  • MySQL Upgrades

  • 24x7 Availability

  • Configure Database

  • Analyse Database Infrastructure

  • MySQL Backup and Recovery

  • Database Migration

Want to hire our experts to manage MySQL database for your business? Give us a call right away! Reach us any time by simply dialling our toll-free phone number <enter-phone-number> and let our dedicated experts assist you immediately.

In addition, you may also feel free to start having conversation directly with our MySQL experts in order to get solutions promptly and effectively. Discuss your projects with our experts and hire a specialist you want to be assisted with your project.

Programming Languages and Certifications Acquired

Being a recognised company that renders solutions and support services for a plethora of technologies in the modern wold, Codexoxo is also known for consisting a team of highly professional developers and programmers.

Some of the programming language skills of experts at Codexoxo include:

  • HTML5/CSS3

  • Ruby

  • Python

  • PHP

  • Perl

  • Visual Basic

  • Java/JavaScript

  • C/C++/C#

  • Bash

Apart from this, the experts at Codexoxo also hold major certifications on:

  • Oracle Certification

  • MySQL Database Developer Certification

  • MySQL Database Administration Certification

Get Assistance From MySQL Experts At Codexoxo

We are an on-demand services and support provider for MySQL database. Our team is comprised of skilled experts, who work proficiently on the task at hand, while also being capable of assisting you in resolving technical problems and/or errors, if you encounter any.

Easily get in touch with our qualified MySQL developers, engineers, architects, programmers, consultants and customer support representatives. We are available to assist you and provide the best solutions that will help you manage your business with efficiency.

Contact us on our help desk phone number <enter-phone-number>, which is in operation 24×7. You may also have our support representatives request call back for you that best suits your schedule.

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