How well are your servers maintained that drive your business? Are you having problems in managing your servers and need specialists to take care of all the challenges? If that is what’s bothering you, then we have the right solutions for you here at Codexoxo!

Codexoxo is a leading company that provides robust services in server management with an aim at giving you peace of mind in your business operations.

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From hosting servers to repairing technical issues and errors, we are your one stop solution providers. We cater to individuals and businesses throughout the globe. No matter how small or big your enterprise or organisation is, our services are meant for everybody. Also, our team comprising of well-trained experts can help you sort things out quickly as well as provide answers to your queries that will help you keep your business running at its peak.


Codexoxo provides essential services for the proper management and functioning of servers that not only store critical information of your organisation, such as products, inventory, staff/employees, databases, customers, etc., but are also responsible for the uninterrupted functioning of your organisation. Thus, at Codexoxo, we cater to your server needs by offering these services as given below:

Server Hosting

We provide services for both managed and unmanaged server hosting for enterprises, companies and organisations of any size. Our managed server services ascertains the ever-evolving components of your data centre so that all your assets are monitored and maintained properly.

Server Setup and Software Installation

We make all the necessary preparations to ensure that the system is capable of starting and is totally functional. Our team of specialists assist you with the server setup and also helps in installing third-party software applications as required by your organisation.

Storage Management

We assist you with storage space on the server so that you can store, move or delete data without losing any of your critical information. Our server storage management services also ensures flexibility, giving you plenty of options that allow you to manage your server’s space.


Our scope of support for server management is pretty high. We do not hesitate in taking extra steps in order to provide effective support services to fulfil the requirements of your server needed by your organisation.

Server Monitoring

Our server monitoring services renders the possibility of gathering comprehensive data and respond immediately to issues that may have occurred during the period.

Hardware Status Reporting

Get informed on how your system hardware status with up-to-date reports from our experts. This way, you can prevent your organisation’s web hosting server from functioning abnormally.

Performance Optimisation

We can easily fix performance issues in web servers and tune it to deliver its performance to the maximum, giving you more speed when accessing and managing data across various systems.

Data Backup and Restore

We assist you with backing up your valuable data and other critical information safely on the cloud and/or other media, while also making it possible and easier to retrieve data for access in the future.

Server Migration

We assist you with server migration based on your organisation’s requirement, which may also include other needful factors. With a few simple steps, our experts can quickly migrate you to your choice of web servers.

Proactive support

We strive to provide assistance and technical support for all your server needs and ensure that you and your organisation are on the right track.

24x7 Availability

We provide support services round the clock, where individuals and organisations can easily get in touch with us to resolve their queries and/or technical issues that you experience with your web server.


You can easily hire our server specialists at Codexoxo through a quick phone call. Our help desk is open 24×7 that renders assistance and can help you with everything with regards to servers for your enterprise and/or organisation. Simply give us a call on our toll free phone number <enter-phone-number> and avail assistance immediately from our team of qualified experts.

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