Silverlight Development Services

At Codexoxo, we help you create interactive web and mobile applications that provide both user experience and engagement using the powerful Silverlight development tool. Our Silverlight development services is powered by .NET framework and, therefore, the websites and applications that we create are compatible with multiple browsers, devices and different operating system platforms.

Silverlight Development

We bring a new level of interactivity wherever the web works and are, thus, your one-stop solution for all your web and app services.

Our Silverlight developers have thorough knowledge and expertise in creating robust applications and web portals with the help of Silverlight technology. Also, our solutions deliver numerous projects such as ASP.NET, WCF with SSL etc., for clients who are located in different parts of the world.

We Help Develop Rich Internet Applications

Using some of the advanced tools and technology, our developers at Codexoxo help cater to your business needs through our leading Silverlight development services that has gained popularity in various parts of the world.

  • Application framework

  • Supported CLI languages

  • Dashboards

  • Retained mode graphics system

  • Actively supports Microsoft Windows, macOS and Symbian OS platforms

  • Multimedia framework

  • Development tools

  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

  • Integrate multimedia, graphics and animations

  • Run-time environment

  • .NET framework and XAML

  • WCF RIA Services

  • Controls

  • Video Streaming

    We create the highest quality interactive video experience, both live and on-demand across multiple media formats such as H.264, AVI, WMV, MP4 etc., while protecting valuable content.

  • Graphics and Animation

    We help our clients create websites with rich graphics and audio-video animation that will give more value to your business and to visitors who view your site using any browser.

  • Media

    We create the highest quality interactive audio experience across multiple media formats like those of MP3, WMA, WAV and much more.

  • Mobile

    We help you build compelling touch-based applications for the mobile device platform using the Silverlight tool.

  • Business

    We create business applications that give users enhanced interactivity and works everywhere without any hassle of deploying across multiple operating systems and web browsers.

Major Services We Offer

At Codexoxo, we have been rendering Silverlight development services to businesses of any size and type, and further strive to cater to business needs of clients through advanced and powerful technologies.

  • Silverlight and XML

  • RIA Services for Silverlight

  • Custom Application Development

  • App Integration

  • XAML Development

  • Website Development

  • Modules Development

  • Customisation and Implementation

  • ASP.NET Silverlight Development

  • Web Application Development

  • Plug-ins Development

  • Silverlight Migration

We comprise of a team of specialised Silverlight developers who follow agile development methodology in order to support your websites and applications that well fits the needs for your business and allow for better carrying out of tasks and operations.

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