Business without customer or client relationship and satisfaction is incomplete. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool which is a crucial factor for any business operation. As a component of Codexoxo’s SugarCRM services, we take an ideal approach in rendering quality solutions and services to clients throughout the globe.


Your business matters and so does your customers. Our experts at Codexoxo provide on demand assistance to businesses in order to help you manage in-place CRM structure, which also includes:

Filling the
necessary gaps


Constructing new
CRM framework

Maximising CRM

We thus, help you achieve all your CRM goals via SugarCRM software tool that is simply ideal for your business. Whether you are planning of expanding loyalty with your customers, improve productivity or increase profits, our SugarCRM services and expert solutions help you to easily accomplish all your customer relationship management objectives.


SugarCRM allows businesses to create invaluable customer relationships with innovation and a bright vision. It is a choice of a large number of market analysts who find this tool really helpful. With this tool, companies can focus more on customer relationship management tasks and is worth appealing. In fact, many companies find SugarCRM as an opportunity to help their employees carry out their work effectively and is also a great way to grow your business.

Codexoxo has rendered solutions for SugarCRM to thousands of clients worldwide, which is more than just a CRM tool. We help you create extraordianry customer relationships with the most innovative and affordable CRM solution you will ever find in the market.


At Codexoxo, we believe that our clients should be benefited through the services and solutions that we have to offer.

Value-Added Results

With SugarCRM, you can create value-added CRM integrations easily that will also provide positive results to your business for having the right data of your customers and having them at the time when it’s needed at priority.

More Agile

You will notice how quick and easy your tasks becomes be leveraging the SugarCRM tool, which is also very flexible and can be customised according to the needs of your business that often requires a few changes over time.

Built For Your Business

Using the SugarCRM tool ensures that your business is not limited to just a few tasks and which may be keeping you away from achieving your desired business goals. The tool is specifically built for business that have greater values for their customers.

Keep Your Data Synchronised

SugarCRM tool helps you in keeping all your important customer details synchronised and organised as per your needs and in a way which can be made available with ease. Keeping data in sync is also a good practice and thus, can save you plenty of time.

Integration With Database

SugarCRM tool can be easily integrated with your preferred database that will make managing customer information a hassle-free task. We help you integrate the tool into various databases, such as MySQL, SQL Server, Azure, Microsoft SQL, etc.

Integration With ERP

We assist you in quickly integrating SugarCRM tool with various enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools in order to allow for a better business process management system. Use of such a system integrated application helps manage the business and automate many back office functions.


Want to give your business a new direction and get engaged with your customers for longer periods of time? Do not wait and look no further. We, at Codexoxo, can help you achieve goals significantly. Talk to us today and get the best solutions that will let you set long-term relations with your customers and also, make your business far much better with SugarCRM software tool. Contact us right away on our toll free phone number <enter-phone-number>. We are always willing and happy to serve you.

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