Codexoxo delivers enriched web hosting experience to our clients that will also give you a complete peace of mind. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an on demand cloud computing platform for individuals, companies and organisations that allow you to have a virtual cluster of computers, which is made available at all times through the Internet. Get expert assistance and guidance for achieving your objectives. We provide solutions and services to help you achieve success



Getting started with Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting is made very simple at Codexoxo. Our experts are here to assist you through the procedure and get you started quickly, saving you plenty of your precious time.

Along with quick setup, our experts at Codexoxo assist you with advanced services that are demanded by your business, or to suit your personal needs. We help you achieve more through our comprehensive services that caters to the needs of clients all over the world.

  • Quick Setup

  • Customisation

  • Database Migration to AWS

  • Data Backup and Restore

  • On Demand Maintenance

  • Technical Support

  • Cloud Configuration

  • Integration of Third-Party Applications

  • Performance Optimisation

  • Security Management

  • Expert Consultation

  • 24x7 Service Availability

Get in touch with us today to experience serverless computing for your company or organisation. We can be reached by dialling our toll free phone number <enter-phone-number>. Our support centre is operated round the clock, where our team of well-trained experts are willing to assist you with queries and technical challenges you encounter with AWS cloud hosting.


Codexoxo empowers individuals, companies and organisations with convenience for maximum efficiency.

Managed Workflow

We assist account owners to assign roles to their team members through the use of granular team controls in order to manage a streamlined workflow of various operations and business activities of your company or organisation.

Single Invoice Per Account

You get a single invoice for your managed hosting on Amazon cloud services and included with the invoice is the bill for the services that has been rendered to clients.

Deploy Instances In Minutes

Amazon Web Server (AWS) deployment is quick and easy and thus, saves you from technical worries. Simply leave it to us and we will deploy instances within minutes that will allow smooth operation of your business.

Efficiently Manage AWS

With Codexoxo by your side, our experts can assist you with an efficient management of Amazon Web Server, while making it uncomplicated so that you are more productive and focused towards your activities.

Experience Optimised Performance

We let you experience optimised performance of Amazon cloud hosting server with the use of advanced cache technologies that gives your website the power to perform faster on any device, whether it’s a desktop or a smartphone.

Grow Quickly With AWS Cloud Hosting

Our AWS cloud hosting experts assist you with architectural guidance as you build applications and solutions that further help you build knowledge and experience and identifying new ways of helping you grow your business.

Maintain Focus On Your Infrastructure

Stay focused on your infrastructure and leave all the worries about your cloud infrastructure to us. With AWS cloud hosting support from Codexoxo, you can easily manage your business and customers, while we take care of the rest.


Codexoxo has rendered seamless solutions and services for AWS cloud hosting to clients across the globe. Talk to us today to avail our top notch services right away. Our customer support centre can be contacted by dialling the toll free phone number <enter-phone-number> any time and we will assist you. Our team of AWS cloud hosting experts are available 24×7 and can help you resolve various Amazon cloud hosting issues and errors that you encounter.

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