Backup Services For Your Critical Data

How often do you backup your digital information? Your data is vital and contains every information that you store everyday on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Codexoxo provides data backup services to keep your crucial information protected and easily accessible across different devices at the same time.

Most of the crucial information often includes:

  • Website data

  • Social media

  • Multi-media files (audio, video, photos, documents, contacts etc.)

  • Database

  • Personal information

  • Enterprise data (such as employee, inventory etc.)

Therefore, to cope with this, Codexoxo offers backup solutions which are categorised as local, cloud and hybrid backups. A local backup basically involves the use of a stand-alone hard disk drive that is physically attached to a desktop or laptop and then data is transferred and stored to the desired device via regular or scheduled backups.

Why You Need Data Backup

If you have multi-media files such as audio, video and pictures that you store on your favourite device and want to have it accessed from any location, then considering an online storage in the form of backup should be your ideal solution. Should there be any data crash or other technical and non-technical issues which may cause your data to be lost, in such situations, your backups are always available for immediate access. For instance, even if you lose your computer due to catastrophic events, your data can still be restored instantly to another desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Backing up your important data is also important because of the following factors:

  • Accidental deletion of files

  • Infection due to virus and malware

  • Damage to data due to theft

  • Deletion of files by malicious programs

  • Data becoming corrupt or unusable

  • Catastrophic damage from fire, flood, etc.

Data Backup By Experts At Codexoxo

Our experts at Codexoxo provide effective backup services to individuals and business owners, no matter how small or big your enterprise or organisation is. We backup all your important data on the cloud and on offline storage mediums as well.

  • Quick

    Our experts can assist you with backing up your digital data both manually and scheduling automated backups periodically.

  • Efficient

    We render data backup services in an efficient manner and thus, saving you all the hassle.

  • Secure

    Codexoxo offers a very secured data backup solution to individuals, enterprises and organisations of any type.

  • Reliable

    Our data backup services are reliable and delivers guaranteed client satisfaction.

Contact Our Help Desk For Assistance

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If you have any queries related with data backup, please feel free to ask us. We are always available to help you.

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