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Every business has one goal in common and that is to grow efficiently in the competitive marketplace. Do you have a business goal? Do you want to implement robust tools in order to make your business flourish, even if it is a startup business? Codexoxo has the best tools and solutions that can help you reach to the top and without having to go through much effort. 


Our experts are here to guide you effectively and ensures that your results are met without any hassle.

Who We Are

Codexoxo is a leading company focused at rendering solutions for a wide range of software resources and thus, helping our clients get the maximum benefit through our global services. Our software experts are highly proficient in a range of sophisticated technologies that bear significant purposes to fulfil a business’ objectives.

What We Do

Selecting a software solution provider is a crucial decision for any business. We are committed to providing professional solutions and support services for all your business needs that will keep you at the top. From creating customer relationship management tool (CRM) to maintaining enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool, Codexoxo is all you need to successfully accomplish any task efficiently and stay ahead in your business always.

Also, there is no limit in interacting with our highly skilled support representatives. You can seek answers to your queries and approach our experts for assistance.

Software Experts

Codexoxo delivers highest level of software solutions to clients. Our team specialises in designing, developing, improving and analysing complex software for your business. Each member in the team has in-depth knowledge and technical ability to provide the best services and experience in clients. Our team has broad familiarity with the underlying hardware and systems that work in parallel with software.

Web Experts

The web is the most accessed technology today and hundreds and thousands of businesses are driven by the web alone. We are highly experienced in the internet and web technologies, which include website development through various programming languages and several development tools such as HTML/HTML5, CSS, XML, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Ruby and much more.

Database Experts

Database allows you to easily store, fetch and update data in the form of information, product inventory, customer details, staff/employee details and various critical data in managed systems. Our experts at Codexoxo provide all the necessary functions with regards to development, management and optimisation of major databases like MySQL, SQL, Apache, Postgre, Oracle etc.

Mobile Experts

Keep your business in scope with the mobile platform. Our experts at Codexoxo provide solutions and services for mobile software that will aid your business in reaching out to more consumers and eventually growth. We specialise in the mobile software platform, which include Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Brew and so on.

Source Code Experts

Our team at Codexoxo are trained to work with complex software in every known programming and coding language. Source code is an integral part of development of any software that are able to easily fulfil the purposes of different types of businesses and with the help of providing simple user interface for a much richer experience.

Consulting Services

Codexoxo provides consulting services to clients, where a team of professionals and clients can establish direct communication and provide answers to all the questions, concerns and other queries which you come up with with regards to software usage for your business.

Benefits of Availing Services At Codexoxo

Get benefited by availing our services that will help keep your business at the front-line.

  • Highly trained software experts

  • Management and Optimisation

  • Software Development

  • Support for Databases

  • Quality Analysis

  • On Demand Services

  • Software Integration

  • 24x7 Support

Our approach to rendering services to our clients is practical and result-driven. Our software experts at Codexoxo can work alongside your team during and after implementation, applying best-practice approach that is backed with experience to help you succeed in carrying out business tasks.

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