Introduction to Magento Development

When we come to learn Magento Development then firstly we must know about Magento. Magento is a platform for e-commerce which Magento developer use to construct e-commerce websites. A website that permits you to sell products, services, and downloadable contents to clients.

Magento provides these core features ready for customization. Development of Magento covers a huge level of tasks and skills, from installing and configuring store for Magento to create Magento themes and develope custom features for your website.

introduction to magento

In addition to basics of Web development, an effective knowledge is also essential for the Magento development as our developers use is to develope sites. When hiring Magento developer, they must have an adequate level of knowledge, So that they don’t make mistakes when they write correct codes and once they are able to apply practices during their work. Only real professional work here, who can do all these things innovatively and creatively.

The Role of Magento Developer

Magento developers build, improve and support Magento websites more accurately. Commonly, building and designing a Magento website needs a team of Magento developers, web designers and other experts to accomplish all the of the skills demanded. Magento developer is also defined as the web developer who is skilled with the Magento platform.

When company would like to have a Magento based e-commerce store, it hires an expert developer for the job profile. Magento is robust, complex and reliable software.

Magneto Expert must have significant web development experience. It is one of the most important things as we know Magento is one of the complex systems due to which developer has to learn how this is going to work over the internet.

Our Magento Developers are familiar with CSS, HTML and JavaScript languages since they used to have a practice of it on daily basis.

Even hire those Magento developers who know about the operation of version software applications. Like distributes version control software application can be Git. That is among others, applied for the development of VLC media player, Linux kernel, and the Android platform.

Developers of Magento should be friendly with some kind of an integrated development environment as well. IDE is a software application which facilitates programming. They simply permit quick application development by partial automation of the mechanism.

Magento Experts of PHP language with proper knowledge of PHP 5.6 maintain work on the backend side. Magneto Developers work with Magento which is mandatory.

Magento Enterprise Edition offers the following benefits are as follows

a Project Manager

an IT Expert

a designer knows UX

a backend and frontend developer

a business analyst

a SEO expert

a Quality Assurance Specialist

Types of Magento Developers

There are two types of Magento Developers as roughly splits into separate skillsets themselves:

Frontend Magento developers

Used to build theme of Magento and work to replicate the structure a web designer offers into Magento- assuring that your website looks splendid, and is mobile friendly. Thus, it works impressively on devices like tablet and smartphones.

Backend Magento developers

Used to concentrate on creating features for your Magento website, whether that’s via existing Magento bespoke code

Note: Magento Developers can also become a Magento Certified Developer, Magento Certified Frontend Developer, and Magento Certified Developer Plus, which simply means they have passed an exam of multiple choice questions relevant to that field.

Our Magento specialists have the skilled level knowledge of OOP that also follow SOLID principles. Magento Developer has the skill to understand complicated structures of class.

Some effective tasks performed by Our Magento experts include:

  • Configuring and installing Magento
  • Creating Magento themes from provided designs
  • Optimizing Magento loading times/performance
  • Testing, Installing and configuring payment gateways like PayPal, Authorize.Net, etc.
  • Represents audits of Magento websites for SEO (search engine optimization).

For smaller project, hiring freelancer is enough and not a complete development team for the job.

Important things to hire freelancer are as follows:

  • He/she has their own Magento Connect extension. You can always ask for a reference and available work that shows how the given Magento developer does his job.
  • Preference for a specialist is higher than freshers.
  • Entrusting a freelancer may be a good idea with the development of a module from time to time, and commit guarantee error-free operation. It should also be clarified under what situations and at what cost he undertakes bug fixing.

In some case of development jobs that need both backend and frontend work, which are varied. Its quality involves a designer, a frontend, and backend developer, or a company specialized in that.

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