Magento extensions are a piece of PHP code. They are a combination of various function, added into Magento to extend its functionality in a splendid way.

Magento extensions permit people to add functionality and custom features to each and every portion of your Magento store. Including the front-end and back-end, assimilation with other web services, themes, marketing tools, and more. Extensions are developed by wide networking of Magento experts to give you the flexibility and capability to maintain your store the way you want.


Magento community at CodeXoxo offer you with a wide variety of modules (free and paid), present for installing and downloading from Magento Connect catalog, and from third party developers websites like Magestore at CodeXoxo. Combined with the rich Magento functionality, this permit us to solve a lot of work without programming skills.

Extensions are the foundation of Magento. Each and every action on the magento website, frontend or backend, pass through a module. Modules act as storage for one or more than one of the following:


Database schemas

Database data

Rendering objects

Utility helpers

Data models

Action controllers

A Magento extension can be created of all seven of these important things, or just one. Magento Extensions are further combined into code pools. Which permit for secure and easy customization and extending of its core functionality. With the support of using code pools and developers assure that native functionality can be upgraded with latest releases of the core product of Magento. And that it is secured from any variation that a Magento seller wants to make to the platform.

CodeXoxo gives a wide assortment of thorough Magento expansions, created to satisfactorily upgrade online store administration system and let Magento dealers perform routine undertakings inside precise time. Our Magento specialists painstakingly orchestrated all our Magento add-ons in classes to help you be less demanding. It also lets you explore through the site. Here you’ll finally find the plugin you are searching for. Whether it is an advanced zoom or a powerful SEO tool.

All people require, is just to unclose the appropriate category and select one of Magento commerce extensions that fulfill their requirements. Striking screen captures, Brief portrayals, and a client guide will show a reasonable photo of the module’s usefulness and live demo will empower you to attempt the choose Magento augmentation by and by.

Additionally, to raise your customer’s experience out of this world, our help group is dependably available for you. They’ll instantly answer your inquiries and help to change any Magento expansion you select to your particular needs. Being an accomplished Magento internet business programming engineer. CodeXoxo realizes that to discharge the item is simply a large portion of the fight. And gives careful consideration to its help group productivity.

On the off chance that you haven’t made your mind which module to get, you may open the entire rundown of our Magento online business augmentations. And just peruse through the rundown until the point that you see the device ready to take care of your present store issue.

Aside from that, you can simply dive into various audits, composed of clients who’ve been utilizing our Magento programming to settle on beyond any doubt your decision is correct.

While making our Magento add-ons we have a tendency to fulfill every one of the necessities of the advanced web-based business group. Also, no big surprise that our items have officially won clients’ thankfulness. And it turned out to be one of the best Magento augmentations.

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