CodeXoxo team will support you to receive your Magento website online in no time. Our expert’s best Magento hosting packages come with preconfigured Apache, MySQL, PHP, and other needed elements.

Each and Every client must get a certificate of free private SSL for the Magento e-commerce site with the option to add dedicated IP at advanced cost. CodeXoxo shared hosting servers in India, US, UK, and Romania are 100 percent optimized for running Magento websites. Now everyone has to log in and setup Magento eCommerce Website for better hosting services.

What is Magento Hosting?

Magento is defined as eCommerce platform, enhanced with a huge range of features built on open source technology which offer the online merchants with uninterrupted authority and flexibility over the content, functionality, and look of the online store.

Magento composes of intuitive administration interface which offers with search engine optimization (SEO), catalog management and marketing tools that enable the merchants to get accomplish power for building websites that are customized in accordance with the business requirements. Designed to offer versatility and supported by Varien’s helpful network, Magento used to provide the organizations with an entire eCommerce solution.

What type of Magento hosting service is right?

When people decide to work with Magento to rush your shop, this is good not to skimp on protecting a proper server. Magento hosting needs a lot of resources to spurt softly, including huge amounts of memory, computing power, and storage space. All along time of peak shopping.

Like at Christmas, raised traffic to your website could outcome in times of slower loading. It could price you customers searching for a convenient online shopping experience, as well as hurt Google ranking of your shop’s. Selecting 1&1 will give you the power you require to accommodate high traffic. With the help of 1&1, you won’t only get a superior Magento setup maintained by an experts team. Also, you’ll surely enjoy automatic software updates.

Magento Hosting Service

The excellent Magento hosting service will offer top performance together with the appropriate hardware to maintain the size and complexity of the software. The hosting package type used to include the corresponding server capabilities, will, of course, depend on the size of your undertaking.

Another side At 1&1, people can lash the maximum processing energy of our servers to maintain a successful Magento eCommerce business – significant for guaranteeing quick loading times on individuals site. We make this possible by using present hardware and an exceptionally fast Internet connection. You can also take benefits of our apps like Magento, WordPress, and Joomla to build your site. But we are confident enough that you will be glad for your latest Magento our high-performance hosting package.

Unlimited Magento Hosting

This is one of the best benefits of going with CodeXoxo for your Magento hosting platform is that we offer free of cost setup and installation of an eCommerce website. When you think to purchase any unlimited hosting or premium hosting with CodeXoxo, you can also make use of this option the setup and free installation of Magento eCommerce website. This is not present with gold or starter shared hosting plans. In unlimited shared hosting of Magento, you can have plenty of products and any number of images, unlimited hosting and premium are suitable for making websites but however, we would recommend you to see our dedicated and cloud options for Magento websites. Plans of Magento Unlimited hosting are 100 percent compatible and also optimized for your Magento websites.

Magento Cloud Hosting

If you are going to create eCommerce website using Magento Community Edition for your online shop, you can also count on 7 years of Magento expertise and thousands of Magento website hosting partner. Over the time, Our experts have learned a lot of Magento technology and also encountered hundreds of problem with solutions. This experience supported us to arranged with the best solution along with top Magento experts to offers optimized solution for you. We have created optimized and scalable, secure, cloud hosting for Magento community edition and enterprise edition also. CodeXoxo invested our quality time in applying these technologies understand over the years to offer better performance. CodeXoxo also FREE Cloud-flare CDN if needed.

VPS Hosting

Because of the high resource utilization along with intensive processing requirement needed for Magento eCommerce platform. CodeXoxo highly recommends VPS or dedicated server for Magento eCommerce platforms. Our Magento eCommerce hosting at CodeXoxo is stable, scalable, and secure. Our company commonly recommend at least 4 GB RAM or 4 core processor for any good performing Magento eCommerce platform. Each and every of the VPS or cloud service offered by us is completely isolated and secure platform to offer better efficient performance.

Each of our VPS or Cloud hosting is provided by

Brand Server

Cisco / SuperMicro / Dell servers

Hosting Processor

New Intel E5 series processor with dual processor and 16 core or 24 core in total


SSD cache optimized for SAS drive

Random Access Memory

Each of our servers is loaded with 256GB RAM


VPS is secured with industry standard firewall


Every server is get attached to 100mbps links

Our team has years of experience in developing and hosting Magento platform based on E-commerce websites. Going ahead with the experienced team like CodeXoxo, will not only support you with your Hosting Platform. Also, Our experts will add value to your technology side when you need assistance on Magento platform.

Features come up with specifically for Magento Hosting

  • 5x Quicker Page Load Time

    Everything along with our new generation hardware, Server-Guy software the unnecessary network has been optimized specially for Magento and translates to page load times faster than ever. Act it Magento related web-server tweaking or optimization, Server level stashing and Database tuning, Our expert team takes care of everything to give you the fastest possible page load time. The faster store means simple more sales for your business.

  • Secure 100%

    Server firewalls, regular updates, and malware scanning are just some of the features that support secure your Magento store on the infrastructure level. All the security best practices relevant to Magento to ignore brute force password guessing or attacks of low-level DDoS are put in place beforehand. Our team also support to use the Magento security patches to ignore any application-level security loopholes harm your store.

  • Assistance Code-level

    The support that we provide for our arranged Magento hosting customers is an extensive 360 degree one. Not just software or hardware, but our team follow one step further to dig down, find, and also sometimes fix those code-side pesky problems which slow your website down or lock it up altogether. So that our experts basically fill the annoying gap between developer and server administrator, supporting the customer know exactly where the issues are hiding.

  • Uptime 100%

    Premium data centers, redundant network, Power backups, redundant power sendings and RAID secured disks permit us to offer the maximum possible uptime.

  • Regularly Off-site backups

    Regular offsite backups powered by R1Soft CDP support you work a single file restore,  database restore or Bare Metal Restore, multiple files restore. The retention time period is 7 days.

  • Monitoring Pro-Active

    Our experts are informed in case of a problem, and then they will immediately begin investigating the issue. Sleep well-knowing someone is always searching for your servers.

  • The environment of Free Staging

    Each and Every plan includes a free staging setup where any variation can be first checked before making them live. This assures any problem can be tested beforehand avoiding issues with live website.

  • Integrated Global CDN

    When you have customers across the world, then our global CDN is available across 3 continents – so even your most distant customers do not have to compromise as uncompromising performance.

Some benefits of Magento Hosting

Warehouse arrangement for your web store: Automated storage maintaining notify you when items are in low stock so that you can easily ignore bottleneck conditions.
Opportunities for expansion: Build whatever product type you wish, and as many as you want to. There are plenty of Magento extensions are available, compatible with every company of all sizes.
Many online stores in one: Even in various languages and currencies.
SEO tools Integrated: Search engine optimization friendly URLs and search engine settings for product pages.

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