Magento Marketplace at CodeXoxo is the official Magento extension store that is the global ecommerce resource for services and applications to boost Magento solutions with powerful latest features and functionality. That’s why, Now global retailers can do even more with their digital stores.

Magento marketplace

Magento Marketplace is structured for easy discovery for related Magento extensions. Marketplace offers a curated user experience along with providing from top brands and new innovators. Discover latest & customized functionality, to help your business thrive, in key business categories.

Standard features of Magento Marketplace Extension

Extension Modes

3 various extension modes to customize your sequence experience

Supported Payment Methods

A variety of payment methods are presently supported and this list grows regularly.

Supported Product Types

We help the huge number of Magento product types.

Seller Groups

Construct dealer bunches which grants you to effectively adjust extensive number of venders and fabricate layered expense plans

Oversee Vendors

A commercial center proprietors can keep up all sellers from a solitary Magento backend.

Oversee Vendor Attributes

Proprietors of Magento Marketplace can without much of a stretch form custom merchant enrollments frames

Organize exchanges

Keep up All credit exchanges from all sellers utilizing the Transaction supervisor.

Custom Store Fronts

Magento dealer can without much of a stretch modify their customer facing facades utilizing a guided graphical UI

Magento vendor Login

Isolate merchant and commercial center director login for extra security.

Magento vendor Login

Isolate merchant and commercial center director login for extra security.

Magento vendor Dashboard

Merchants and magento commercial center used to get a customized dashboard giving them an itemized diagram of there customer facing facade also

Responsive Vendor Cpanel

Presently you can deal with your retail facade from any gadget and whenever.

Seller Credit Account

All Magento shipper are given there possess credit account where they will get installments from each request.

Merchant Product Management

Merchants can just oversee alongside see their own items and stock

Numerous dialect bolster

Help for various dialects is accessible

Open Source and Customize

The Magento marketplace extension follow Magento best practice code standards and is 100% percent open source.

Magento Extension support

For a limited time the license includes unlimited help for the marketplace extension and all plug-ins.

Marketplace Extension Upgrade

For a limited time the license is includes unlimited upgrade for the marketplace extension and all plug-ins

Magento Theme and Templates at CodeXoxo

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Magento Marketplace Extensions

Our Magento Marketplace extension at CodeXoxo converts any Magento store into a thriving online marketplace similar to Amazon. Your Magento merchant will have complete control using a Vendor Cpanel to arrange their own sales, products, shipments, invoices,  and credit memos. Each and every Magento merchant get a customize storefront within your Magento Marketplace at CodeXoxo. As the marketplace owner, you pick up a set fee for each order received by a sellers. Customers can leave ratings and reviews  for sellers anytime an order is placed, permitting for a very secure shopping experience and reputable marketplace. The Magento Marketplace extension is the most comprehensive solution of its type.

Magento Marketplace Performance at CodeXoxo

Magento Marketplace essentially implies, you have numerous merchants with bunches of sku’s and clients that implies you will have extraordinary measure of movement in your web store. Magento Multiple Vendor commercial center module is coded over “Magento MVC and ORM framework” and following standard method for Magento Application Programming also. Commercial center Module is as adaptable as your Magento does , that implies it won’t hurt your current store execution and will help all your standard Magento reserve handlers. That implies there is no restriction at seller and item level any number of merchant and item can be included the store .

  • Commercial center augmentation bolster all kind of reserve handlers including APC, Memcached, Redis and so on .
  • Bolster all sort of RDBMS including percona also (which Magento underpins).
  • The module will bolster Mysql Replication (Master-Slave design) where that implies, it will influence existing MySQL replication of your store.
  • Invert intermediary upheld including nginx, varnish.
  • A module is tried well with standard debugger device including xdebug and memtop and checked with munin.
  • Item accumulation indexer will fill in as standard Magento indexer works that imply, it will work with standard inquiry programming interface’s sphinx and solr too.
  • Takes after Magento standard two level store worldview as a matter of course .

*All the above instruments are excluded in the module as those devices should be introduced and arranged appropriately at your store and working legitimately with Magento , commercial center module work with those devices.

5 Top Magento Marketplace Extensions

WebKul Marketplace Multi Vendor Module

It is used to turn your online store into single that help multiple sellers and offers a separate seller portal on the front-end of your web site.

Vnecoms Magento Marketplace Extension

The Magento marketplace extensions are present from Vnecoms permits sellers to have a separate panel where they can arrange products, invoices, and shipments. Each and every seller can customize their storefront within your Magento market place.

Apptha Marketplace

This is another famous Extension of Magento marketplace present. As the other marketplace extensions, the seller space is separate from the Magento back-end respectively.

Medma Marketplace

This is also the one of the best Magento marketplace extension which is used to make your Magento store into a multi-vendor marketplace. The extension build a separate vendor area. In this type of panel, vendors can add product types of all Magento.

CM Marketplace Multi Vendor Extension

This is the ultimate Magento store manager as it supports multiple vendors, permitting each vendor to upload product to your store and maintain orders on the front-end.

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