Magento Maintenance & Support

Doesn’t matter how much you document and prepare, sooner or later but something will go in the wrong direction with your eCommerce website and usually at the bad time imaginable.

Even the most famous eCommerce website owners are extremely cautious during their peak seasons. Whenever we need to address prime time requirement of these we provide round the clock expert support from our Magento support and maintenance team so you can rest ensured that your site is not missing sales!

magento maintenance & support

Don’t worry about Magento store repeatedly by letting CodeXoxo certified Magento developers take care of all your Magento eCommerce site maintenance requirements: Security, development, integration, site updates and so on!

CodeXoxo provides a huge variety of Magento managed some support services. Maintenance and Support services for Magento include configuration, installation, custom development, updates, consulting, and a dedicated Magento support desk. Customize services for Magento support and maintenance to fit your requirements. Our Magento experts team which is certified Magento developers will support your online business growth by making sure your Magento eCommerce store is running at a top best performance.

As an eCommerce website owner, then your worst nightmare is when your site goes down rapidly – You’re literally beginning to losing money every second as it’s not working. To support assure this doesn’t happen, we provide custom BigCommerce and Magento support plans and Magento maintenance services.

Things Make Us Different

CodeXoxo is not the biggest agency, but that’s okay. Our Company treats our team, our work,  and our clients differently. Our focus is to have a long-lasting and successful partnership with our clients because, for us, it simply means quality over quantity.

  • Human Support

    Dissimilar plenty of companies our support is personalized. You will surely have direct access to CodeXoxo- Never a ticketing a system.

  • Certified by Experts

    Many of our developers have been working on Our Magento maintenance for 5+years. All of our developers are certified by Magento only.

  • Recommended Tested

    95 percent of our clients are from another client who recommended or suggested. Want a reference? We have a lot of you can contact with.

  • US Based

    Many of our team members are based right here in America. We never outsource your project to an overseas team and then markup their rates.

How Does Magento Maintenance Actually work?

Magento Maintenance is unique for every website and clients. That’s the only reason why we work with you to develop an ongoing retainer that is right for your business purpose. Our Magento services begin at just 10hours a month. Utilize the time towards anything you want and give us the freedom to support you as new patches are released or when your site breaks.

Here is List of What we include in Magento Maintenance

Emergency Support

Our team auditor your site for downtime, aware you if a problem arises and works with you to fix it.

Security Patches

When new security patches come out we install them on your develop site, test and deploy them for you.

Training Process

Requires to know how to do something? we will train you surely and your team with proper guidance as required on anything Magento.

Training Process

Requires to know how to do something? we will train you surely and your team with proper guidance as required on anything Magento.

Developed Site

Test out extensions, changes and other updates on your site before they go live.

Guaranteed Hours

Begins at 10hours a month, we used to reserve hours for you in our schedule.

Free of cost Access

People can get free access to a variety of online tools and services through your partnership.

Roll Over hours

Didn’t utilize all your hours this month? We will let you roll over hours for up to three months.

Advantages of Our Services

Our Magento expert team have worked on hundreds of platforms and can easily take care issues of Magento maintenance. We can easily build other modifications and custom scripts to enable you to get the most from Magento. Don’t worry about details and patches of maintenance when you can simply contract with us to arrange your Magento installation, from start to end.


Help As You Need

We are more than just a website development business, you can say we’re your online partner!  From making suggestions to keeping your Ecommerce website secure and our expert team has years of experience you can rely on. Our Magento developers can maintain and handle everything from hacks to minor error fixes, and even our consultants can tell you the advice you required to stay secure, current, and successful online. Our team work with all manner for clients. From minor non-profits to huge companies doing over $250,000 per day in sales.

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