Magento world makes Magento website handling much effortless and compelling with ongoing Magento support. Besides Magento development and structure services for brand latest websites and redesigning of existing sites, Magento at CodeXoxo also provides Magento support services.

The only objective behind providing support services is to support clients take their businesses to next level in digital world with improved performance and regular site maintenance and development.

Well skilled and Experienced Magento support team is always accessible for any type of client support service. Based on clients’ target and marketing strategies, our Magento expert customize ongoing support services and provide full support with dedicated development team. Affectionate knowledge of clients business, their ambitions and targets support us uniquely assist them and provide them best Ongoing Magento support services.

Extensive range of Magento support services contain of ongoing advice, technical support, managed hosting, and consultation. With the help of our Magento support services, Our Magento experts enable easily our clients to provide their customers improved and better experience on their Magento online store.

Additional Resources for Magento Support

Magento Tech Resources

It is really easy to follow user-guides, tutorials, downloads,  release information, security updates and more.


It is used to share tricks, tips and help with your fellow Magento enthusiasts.

Magento Developer Documentation

In this everything your require to create and manage a customized Magento store.

Magento Solution Partners

Ready for a consultation? it is especially to reach out to one of our certified solution partners.

Key Benefits of Magento Support at CodeXoxo

  • Available to the support team by live chat, web, and telephone.
  • Support for Magento store. Unconcerned about who did the original creation and customization.
  • Product support assisting in all portions of running your Magento support and online store.
  • Magento Support Service led help based on the industry-standard ITSM framework to ISO 9001 standards.
  • Magento Online Customer Support Portal, offering integrated issue and project tracking.
  • Quick issue response and answers.
  • Accomplish development support.
  • Magento Development staging hosting environment and code repository included.
  • Support services Affordable, on-going support – with no lengthy contracts. Easily swap between different plans.
key benefits

There are some plans of Magento Support-flow are as follows:

Front-end Development

Back-end Development


Priority-Based response

Online customer service portal

Phone Support

Application Development Support

Staging environment and code repository

E-commerce analytics platform

Quality Assurance team

An automated Functional test platform

Project Manager

Our Magento Technical Support Services

Code auditing is defined by reviewing your Magento code, our Magento developers can identify and fix a problem before they pose some risk to your Magento store operation and shows inconveniences to your customers.

  • Magento Code auditing

    Code auditing is defined by reviewing your Magento code, our Magento developers can identify and fix a problem before they pose some risk to your Magento store operation and shows inconveniences to your customers.

  • Online store testing

    At CodeXoxo Magento online store testing is defined by contact forms, page load time, checking navigation among other functions. Our Magento team at CodeXoxo assure that your Magento storefront operates softly.

  • Upgrading to a latest Magento version

    Upgrading to a new Magento version shows that how our team follow Magento progress and are aware of all pitfalls in migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

  • Magento Addressing compatibility problems

    Addressing compatibility issues is defined as an extending the functionality of a Magento online store can outcome in extension conflicts. Our Magento experts assure the additional functionality is integrated in a proper manner.

Magento Support Packages at CodeXoxo

Security updates

Running protection patches to counter your Magento online store from the new vulnerabilities

Error fixes

Bug fixes are handling bugs as soon as they arise effortlessly of minor or major bugs to assure smooth operation.

Magento Custom template

Magento Custom template is used for customizing your present theme and template to make it look better day by day.

Ext installation In Magento

Ext installation In Magento used to Setting up extensions and making them run correctly with the other parts of the website.

Magento Code Review

Magento Code Review supports for reviewing your website and bringing any potential errors to your attention prior to a problem arising.

Magento Online training

Magento Online training offering quality online training from our Magento certified experts team.

Magento Features development

Magento Features development art CodeXoxo creating new features/ functions to increase your store capability

Magento support upgrade

Upgrading your Magento store to the new version and assuring it is working without any issue.

Magento Latest Updates

Updating your Magento website often to address a certain problem and activate latest functionalities.

Third party integration

Integrating third party software like SMS gateways and payment,  shipping methods, APIs.

Magento Backup Support

Magento Backup used to make a backup for your site to easily return to the last correct version when there is an incident.

Magento Monthly report

Offering detailed monthly report as the package to display present website status and what we have done to maintain the site’s perfect performance.

Magento Support at CodeXoxo Along with Your Fingertips

Performance argument tends to mount rapid so the failure to solve them faster and fundamentally can outcomes in the never-ending cycle of issues. Our Magento Experts are available 24/7 to offers a true solid Magento support to your business.

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