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If you own a website and want to move to Wix, we are here to help you. Wix offers many features that make it essential in carrying out your business operations without facing any difficulties. It is a great website development platform that lets you take your business to the path of growth substantially.

We support migrating from many of the popular website development and content management system (CMS) platforms to Wix directly and with just a few simple procedure. We make it a lot easier for you.

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During the migration process, you will not have to worry about things such as:

  • Code implementation
  • Creating website from scratch
  • Adding or modifying website content
  • Customising website templates
  • Configuring back end database
  • Connecting to Wix’s IP address or name-servers

Leave all the work to us. Our experts can ease your website migration process and without affecting any segments of your website. Each task is carried out carefully. Also, our experts run necessary analysis to ensure that you website completes the transition process successfully and efficiently.

Now Migrate Your Wix Website Quickly

If you have been using Wix website for quite a long time now and want to move to a different CMS platform, we make this possible for you.

There may be various reasons as to why you have decided to switch to another website platform. Many business owners as well as owners of personal websites look for better features, advanced functionality, mobile responsiveness, low cost website hosting, maximum cloud storage space, etc., when making the decision of moving their websites to a different platform.

No matter what your reasons are, you can have your needs fulfilled at Code XOXO.

Easily migrate your Wix website to another e-commerce platform, like the ones given below:

  • WordPress
  • PrestaShop
  • Joomla
  • Joomla K2
  • Drupal
  • bbPress
  • MyBB
  • phpBB
  • Kunena
  • SMF
  • vBulletin
  • MediaWiki
  • SquareSpace
  • HubSpot
  • Zikula

These are only a few among many hundreds of CMS platforms for which immediate support is available by our Wix experts at Code XOXO. Migrating your website is a hassle-free procedure and does not take much time. Our team comprise of professional experts who can be reached to help you carry out both basic and advanced tasks promptly.

See What We Migrate

All you need to do is simply select your desired CMS platform and the rest of the process is handled by our support experts. The experts at Code XOXO are well-trained. They have thorough knowledge of the services and have a good couple of years of expertise as well. Thus, seeking help from these support experts will be a decision which you will never regret.

This can save you a lot of time and it will also save you from the trouble of encountering problems during the migration process.

Experience a quick and smooth migration without affecting any of website’s content.

  • Website Migration
  • Data Migration
  • SEO Data Migration
  • Database Migration
  • CMS Migration
  • Modules Migration
  • Third-Party Applications Migration

Tasks We Carry Out Post Migration

After successful migration of your Wix website, our support experts can be approached to help you carry out additional tasks such as:

  • Website Data Backup
  • Recovery of Backed-up Data
  • Improve Website Performance
  • Schedule Automated Tasks
  • Customise Website Content and Data
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Consultation and Advice from Professionals
  • On Demand Technical Assistance
  • 24/7 Support Operations

Are you ready to migrate your Wix website? Call us today! You can reach our support experts at Code XOXO on the help line number <enter_phone_number>.

If you wish to write to us, our support e-mail address is <enter_e-mail_address>.

We are available day and night so that you never miss on grabbing the opportunity of availing our industry-compliant customer support services.

Want to consult our experts before migrating to and from Wix? Get the best suggestions and advice that will help you make decisions wisely.

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