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Code XOXO provides fast and secure domain hosting services for your Wix website.

Our domain hosting services gives you the options to:

  • Keep using your existing website domain host with Wix
  • Purchase a new domain host and connect to your Wix website

If you are using your Wix website for carrying out a small or medium-sized business, you will require space on the server that will allow you to make your website accessible to your visitors on the internet. Finding a hosting server for your website is not a complicated task. Whether you own a website which is built on the Wix CMS platform, or any other CMS platform, for that matter, making your website viewable and accessible by individuals across different geographical locations help you accomplish the objective.

You can also export your website domain to Wix hosting with just a few simple steps. Additionally, you may reach our support experts to guide you throughout the process quickly.

Connect Your Own Domain to Your Wix Site – Contact Code XOXO for Support

Creating a Wix website either for your business or personal use offers you the convenience of managing your site from a centralised member account, which is your website’s control panel. The control panel or admin control board gives you plenty of privileges through which you can easily and quickly manage your website and its content.

Choose how you want to connect your website domain:

  • Point your domain to Wix’s IP address
  • Connect your domain to Wix’s name-servers

You may seek help from our experts to guide you step by step. Just give us a call on our help line number <enter_phone_number> and our support experts will assist you.

How to Obtain Hosting Services At Code XOXO

You can easily obtain your desired hosting plan from Code XOXO and at an affordable price. Feel free to contact us on our customer support help line number <enter_phone_number> and get a complete insight from our experts.

We can be reached via phone or e-mail 24 hours a day.

Upgrade to a Premium or Unlimited Plan and get a free domain for a complete 1 year. It’s free for the first year!

Select from various plans that suits your requirements and budget. You may start a direct conversation with our team of support experts at Code XOXO to help you find the best hosting plan for your website domain. Our experts here will also help you compare among the available web hosting plans with regards to the size and purpose of your business needs.

Once you have decided upon getting the right hosting plan for your website, you are almost through with taking your website online.

With each hosting plan at Code XOXO, you receive additional storage and bandwidth, which can be further upgraded as per your needs. Upgrading to a higher plan gives you access to unlimited storage space for your website on the server. You will also experience uninterrupted  bandwidth and connectivity.

Have Security Concerns? We Have That Covered For You

Website and personal information security is, of course, another essential concern that many website owners may come up with when looking for a hosting service.

At Code XOXO, we will guide you through the process in keeping your personal information safe and secure and share only the ones that you are comfortable with. You can manage the privacy of your personal information on your website. This also allows your visitors the permission to contact you via links that you would like to provide on your website for the purpose of communicating with your online visitors.

Privacy options for your contact information can be configured to any one of the following:

Private registration

Your contact details are kept private and secure from the domain information records (WHOIS) unless you decide to turn it off. You can change the settings from the contact information page.

Public registration

You can make your contact information visible online to the general public. It includes a privacy filter that prevents you from receiving spam.

Why Choose Code XOXO for Hosting

We render website hosting services both in the small-scale as well as for large businesses and organisations. We strive to give you an amazing experience through our industry-compliant services.

See the various services that we provide to our clients:

  • Quality hosting
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Fast server uptime
  • Reduced server downtime
  • Hardware and software-friendly
  • Shared hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Cloud managed VPS
  • Managed dedicated servers
  • Storage upgrades
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Host multiple websites
  • Admin control board
  • Unlimited e-mail
  • SSL encryption certificate
  • Performance maintenance and optimisation
  • Expert consultation
  • 24/7 Live support

If you need assistance or advice, reach our support experts immediately to help you get going effortlessly. We are available round the clock with solutions and suggestions that are worth considering. Call us today!

Send us your request or query at <enter_e-mail_address>. We are always eager to help you.

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