Easily Accept Payments from Customers

Sell and receive payments instantly! 

That’s true! Having a Wix online store gives you a more comfortable experience rather than going through a series of tedious tasks. The e-commerce store lets you sell tonnes of products to your customers and accept payments online as well as offline. There are, in fact, several methods to choose from to make your e-commerce experience much richer and time-saving.


Just like many online stores, you can accept payments for goods and services sold to your customers via different payment methods such as:

  • Debit or Credit Cards
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cheque/Check
  • Net Banking
  • Cash On Delivery (COD)
  • Online Payment via PayPal, etc.

Here, you can accept both online and offline payments from customers when trading products on your Wix online store.

Selling commodities locally and/or internationally is achieved by adopting new and modern methods of trading in the e-commerce marketplace. Your customers can checkout multitude of products directly from their online shopping carts and pay through a secured payment gateway. You can select your desired payment gateway system and start accepting payments with just a few clicks of a button.

This gives your customers the ability and flexibility to pay online using either their bank cards or through a different payment method as they are comfortable with during making the payment. Also, because of the cross-platform mobile compatibility, it gives you a bigger opportunity to take your online store to a seemingly larger number of visitors. Your visitors can checkout products they want to purchase from your Wix online store and pay easily for the products.

Choose Your Payment Options

Payment gateways are a way that allow Wix online store owners to easily accept payments online, if your customers choose to pay through card or other online payment mediums.

Here is a list of some of the popular and widely used online payment options which are supported by your Wix online store.

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Autorize.net
  • Stripe
  • PayU
  • WebMoney
  • 2CheckOut
  • WePay

In contrast to the online payment methods, you can also allow your customers to make payments offline, such as via cash on delivery of products, pay by cheque/check, bank transfer or wire transfer, etc. Providing your customers with various options is also an effective way of growing your online business, both regionally and on a wider scale.

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