Custom E-mail Newsletter Template Design & HTML Coding Services

If you market your products on the internet, you will understand what it takes to promote your business to a large number of visitors and thus, growing your business at the same time.

Using social media alone might not help you accomplish your business objectives. Therefore, it is necessary that you take the advantage of the internet and make your business brand be seen and heard by much larger groups of individuals across various geographical locations.


Codexoxo helps businesses increase their online presence by offering custom e-mail newsletters template design and HTML coding services.

Through this service, you will be able to promote your business brand, which includes the products and services you deal with. It will also allow your business brand to be noticed by individuals who come from all walks of life.

Make E-mail Newsletters A Useful Tool To Draw Attention Of Subscribers

E-mail newsletters are used by several brands, businesses and organisations across the globe.

Share relevant information with individuals in various forms, such as:

  • Product updates

  • Stock Clearance Sale (Flash Sale)

  • Events

  • Announcements

  • Discounts

  • Offers

  • Special Highlights

  • Crucial Updates

  • Product Promotion

  • Contest

  • Recommendations

There are, in fact, numerous ways to promote your business and we can help you achieve that thoroughly.

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We Design Custom E-mail Newsletter Templates

E-mail newsletters play a vital role in e-commerce and marketing. You can increase your business and product sale through the implementation of newsletters service on your website.

Codexoxo is a leading provider of custom e-mail newsletter templates for all kinds of businesses, who want to have a large number of visitors ready to subscribe and receive all the latest news and updates about the products. We have a team of qualified professionals with several years of expertise in designing and coding custom e-mail newsletter templates.

  • 100+ Bespoke E-mail Newsletter Templates

  • Colour Overlay E-mail Newsletter Templates

  • Embedded with multi-media files

  • Animations and Backgrounds

  • GIF E-mail Newsletters

  • Infographic-style Newsletter Templates

  • Add Content in E-mail Newsletters

  • Newsletters design and upgrades

  • Exclusive Designs

  • Custom Shapes and Sizes

  • Supports CSS styling

  • Welcome Newsletters

  • Contemporary E-mail Newsletters

  • Call To Action Newsletter Templates

  • Edit and Customise E-mail Newsletters

  • Mobile Device Compatibility

The entire procedure is simple and does not take much time.

  • Let us know your requirements and how you want to have the template designed. Our designers will create templates that matches your taste.

  • You get the opportunity to review and approve the e-mail newsletter template that is designed for your business and/or brand.

  • Upon successfully approved, you will have the e-mail newsletter templated coded in HTML and integrated to e-mail client applications.

  • You can preview the e-mail newsletter before proceeding with sending it out to your subscribers.

Why Choose Codexoxo For Custom E-mail Newsletter Template Design

Codexoxo is a reputable provider of solutions and support services. We render services to clients who are based around the world.

  • Responsive e-mail newsletter template design

  • Integrates with all supported e-mail clients

  • Timely completion and delivery of projects

  • Custom development services

  • 24/7 support availability

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