How To Link JavaScript To HTML

JavaScript is a scripting language that is well used in HTML and CSS. To link a JavaScript file to an HTML document, you must use the “<script></script>” tags. The <script> tag is also used to embed JavaScript code within the HTML document.

Websites today use JavaScript in order to create interactive web pages that also provides dynamic user navigation control through links and buttons throughout the website.

Therefore, in order to allow the use of JavaScript in web pages, all you need to do is simply link the scripting language to HTML through a single line of code and you are good to go.

HTML syntax to link JavaScript:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang=”en”>


<meta charset=”utf-8”>

<title>Title Page</title>

<script src=””></script>



<div>Sample Text</div>


alert( $(‘div’).text() );




So, as you can see from the above syntax, it is not a difficult task to link JavaScript to HTML. Once you have successfully linked JavaScript to HTML, you can easily make your web pages more interactive and user-friendly.

Using the JavaScript scripting language in HTML and CSS works across different web browser applications such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Chromium, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc. You can call several functions with the help of the JavaScript engine in HTML, which will make tasks much easier and will also offer a unique web experience to the users who visit your website.

Thus, JavaScript programming language’s main purpose is to create a client-side behaviour to HTML pages, which is also interchangeably called as a dynamic HTML (or DHTML).

When using JavaScript scripting language in HTML, it’s usage denotes the following:

  • Loads new page content or submits data to the server via AJAX without the need for reloading or leaving the page.
  • Is used for the animation of page elements, resizing, fading in and out, moving and so on.
  • Is used for interactive content such as games, playing audio and video files, etc.
  • JavaScript is also used for the purpose of validating input values of web forms and ensures that they are acceptable before being submitted to the server.
  • Is used for transmitting information, particularly about the user’s browsing habits and other activities to various websites.

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