A Brief Introduction On HTML File Extension

HTML is a markup language that is used to design and build websites and is supported on all web browser applications. It is also a file extension, where the HTML markup is saved as a ‘.htm’ or ‘.html’ file format or extension and can be easily opened in a browser in order to view the contents of web pages.

The introduction of the latest HTML5 version is becoming popular and widely used in the dynamic website building platform. Thus, being embedded with CSS3 and JavaScript programming language, it is certainly the choice of many web designers and professional developers.

Know How To Open An HTML File

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is usually written using a text editor or word processor software application. Basically, such software applications are either built-in or made available through download centre in the operating system, which runs your desktop, laptop, tablet and in today’s smartphone devices.

So, if you are using an operating system like Windows, Mac OS X or Unix/Linux, you can write the HTML markup language in your system’s built-in text editor application, or a word processor document and then save the file with a ‘.htm’ or ‘.html’ extension anywhere in your computer or portable electronic device.

In order to understand this, let us follow an example, where we shall write down a piece of HTML code and save it with its file extension.

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>HTML Demo</title>



<h1><center>Demo On Saving And Opening HTML Files</center></h1>


<b>Step #1:</b> Use a text editor application to write down this HTML code.<br>

<br><b>Step #2:</b> Save this HTML code with a <b>’.html’</b> extension.<br>

<br><b>Step #3:</b> Now, access the location of the saved file and double-click to open it.<br>


<p>The file will be automatically opened in your default web browser, where you can view the contents of web pages, but not the source code.</p>



The example given above shows you the necessary steps of entering the code, saving it and finally, opening the HTML file in a web browser, so as to view the contents of the website. You can also make necessary customisations with the appearance of your website through changing and updating the code. Do not forget to save the changes make to the HTML code in your text editor application.

Please note, when saving the HTML file, make sure that you select the “Save As” option from the “File” menu in your text editor or word processor application. Selecting this option will allow you to set a custom extension or format for the file.

A ‘.html’ file opens only in web browsers. However, if you want to edit the contents of the website, or view the source code of the website, which is HTML itself, then you will need to use a text editor or word processor software application in order to accomplish the task.

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