HTML5 UI Design & Prototyping

When it comes to designing appealing websites, Codexoxo is the company that is sought by many. Thus, we understand the importance of creating profound visual experience and because of this reason, we stand apart in delivering user experience.

HTML5 is the choice of web developers that provide multitude of features and seamless functionalities to websites. At Codexoxo, we design websites using HTML5 markup language and CSS3 styling that is sure to leave an unforgettable mark behind.


Designing rich and responsive websites are based entirely on the HTML5 markup language technology that is sure enough to suit your taste and meet the e-Commerce needs.

Rich User Interface (UI) Design Just Got Better

Now your website gets even better, both visually and in experience.

  • Graphic Design

  • Design Research

  • Branding

  • User-friendly Interface

  • Enhanced Graphics and Visuals

  • User Guides

  • Front-end Design

  • Graphic Development

Our HTML5 UI designs are worth trying.

Building A Bold User Experience (UX)

User experience is also a key factor which we take great concern of. Our UX design is primarily based on the analytical and technical aspects of HTML5.

  • Strategy

  • Customer Analysis

  • Customer experience

  • Content Development

  • Market Research

  • Utilises several techniques to achieve a complex end goal

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Structure

  • Product Structure

  • Optimisation

This is an experience that you will never forget.

Our Role In HTML5 UI Prototyping

We use high tech prototyping standards during the design stage.

  • User involvement is required

  • Development Planning

  • Code Iteration

  • Developers can run potential enhancements in the future

  • Development time is reduced

  • Wireframe

  • User provides quantifiable feedback to developers

  • Results in higher user satisfaction

  • Cost for development is reduced

  • Testing

  • System implementation is facilitated upon users’ expectations

Wireframe comes after site architecture has been determined by a site map before the design phase. It is the foundation of the building blocks of a website.

We believe in producing spectacular results by improving our design patterns in order to give you the best internet experience.

We Design Authentic HTML5 Web Projects

Websites are not just a form of mere identity for businesses, organisations and individuals on the internet. These are, rather, a whole new approach to bringing one’s attention to a large number of people who use the internet to communicate with the world around them.

  • UI Design and Development

  • UI Design for e-Commerce

  • User Analysis

  • Prototyping and Animations for Mobile Platforms

  • Brand Identity

  • UI Design Using HTML5 and CSS3

  • Website Redesign

  • Wireframe Preparation

  • Graphic/UI Design

  • UI Design for Mobile

  • Specification Analysis

  • Mobile Application

  • HTML and CSS Coding

Our team of certified HTML5 experts at Codexoxo strive to deliver what our clients expect from the projects.

We are experts in HTML5 UI designing and prototyping. Give us a call today to know more about how we can accomplish this task.

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