HTML5 and CSS3 Web Design & Development Services

Want to get a brand new website for your business, or you just want to re-build your old website to comply with the new standards of web technology? We have the solution for you right here at Codexoxo.

Websites give you the ability to make the most of the internet. Whether you are a casual computer user who loves to spend time online, or you own a business and want to grow in the e-commerce marketplace, a website lets you accomplish all online purposes effectively.


If you do not have a website yet and want to own one either for personal use or for your business, our proficient web designers and developers at Codexoxo can help in creating modern websites. We are a leading HTML5 and CSS3 web design and development services provider with a view to encompass a wide range of experiences on the web.

Codexoxo consists of a team of certified web designers and developers who create visually rich and dynamic websites that can easily fulfil your personal as well as productive objectives.

Why You Need A Website Developed With HTML5/CSS3 Technology

A simple HTML website will only provide basic features and limited functionalities. Therefore, simply put, a basic HTML website becomes obsolete and gets replaced by its successor, which today is called the HTML5 along with CSS3 that gives websites a more realistic experience.

Here are a few reasons why you need to switch to HTML5/CSS3 technology for the design and development of websites:

  • HTML5 is used for creating dynamic websites

  • It provides better functionality over basic HTML markup language

  • Use of more quality fonts, colours, layout, etc.

  • Supports web development for mobile platform

  • Provides enhanced website customisation

  • Responsive site design and functionality for mobile devices

  • Allows dynamic controls

  • Rich built-in multi-media experience

  • Works best with latest and up to date web browsers


Codexoxo provides HTML5 and CSS3 web design and development services that comply with the latest standards the World Wide Web has to offer. Our webmasters are here to provide you all the necessary assistance that you need in order to bring a new transformation to your website.

Simply call us on our toll-free phone number <enter-phone-number> to avail support immediately. Let us help you create brilliant website that will make you spell-bound at the very first glance. There will be tonnes of functionalities, too.

Here’s an opportunity to make your online experience worthwhile with the implementation of HTML5/CSS3 web technology.

New Elements Included In HTML5

Check out the latest web elements that have been introduced in HTML5:

  • Semantic elements

  • Graphic elements

  • Multimedia elements

  • Attributes of form elements

  • Compatible with older web browsers


Here are some new Application Programming Interface features in HTML5:

  • HTML Application Cache

  • HTML Drag and Drop

  • HTML Geolocation

  • HTML Local Storage (Cookies)


  • HTML Web Workers

  • W3C Compliant

With these new elements offered in website design and development, HTML5 will give your website a more dynamic approach and hence, enrich your overall experience on the web.

What Codexoxo Uses In Designing The Most Authentic HTML5/CSS3 Websites

Get over with your old website. It’s time that you look for a change and some improvements.

Whether you have an existing website built on the older HTML platform, or are looking to have a new website designed and developed from scratch, Codexoxo can really make this happen.

We design and develop websites that offer various functionalities, such as:

  • Accordions

  • HTML Includes

  • Progress Bars

  • Sort List

  • Drop-down Menus

  • Login Form

  • Range Sliders

  • Tabs

  • Filter List

  • Modal Boxes

  • Side Navigation

  • Tooltips

  • Google Maps

  • Parallax

  • Slideshow

  • Top Navigation

Other HTML5/CSS3 Design and Development Services Offered By Codexoxo

We are specialised in:

  • HTML5 Web Design

  • Responsive HTML5 Web Design

  • Develop HTML5 Web Applications

  • Website Data Migration

  • HTML5 Website Development

  • SEO and Digital Marketing

  • Mobile Application Development Using HTML5

  • Cross-platform HTML5 Web Development

  • Custom HTML5 Website Design and Development

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • HTML5 Expert Consultation

  • Maintenance and Support

Give us a call today and get in touch with our certified HTML5/CSS3 web designers and developers. We can be easily reached via phone, by dialling the toll-free help desk phone number <enter-phone-number>.

Our support services and solutions can be availed round the clock.

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