What Is C# Language, Advantages & Features Of C# Language

Hi readers, do you know about C# Programming Language if you know nothing about C#, no need to worry about that, we will tell you everything about C# language, advantages of C# language and features of it.

Let’s begin,

Our computers run on predefined tasks and programs and these programs can be written in various languages like C, C++, Java, and the latest programming language C#. You know this thing, the computers don’t work itself, they work according to the programmer’s code,

Let’s discuss briefly this topic.

What is a C# programming language?

C# language is pronounced as C sharp language. It is a modern, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that is developed by Microsoft within its .Net and initiative led by Andres Hejlsberg.

The C# programming language is a very easy language to learn. It is entirely based on the C and C++ languages.

This means to say, if you have a basic knowledge of C and C++ language, so you can easily understand this language. However, the syntax of C# language is highly expressive, but yet it is also simple and easy to learn. Anyone can recognize the curly-brace syntax of C# instantly who knows about the C, C++ or Java language.

Do you know what is the best side of the C# language as compared to Java and C++ language? It simplifies many of the complexities of C++ and provides powerful features such as null-able value types, delegates, enumerations, lambda expressions, and direct memory access which are not found in Java.

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Properties of C# language

Let’s focus on essential properties of c# language include:


There is no type-conversion so that data loss is not possible. That’s why the developer can write safe code, besides this C# language supports null-able and non-nullable types.

Modern And Easy

To develop C#, Microsoft has only an aim to developers can learn easily and can support modern functionality.

If we tend to wander around programming language history we tend to find that every language has developed for a specific purpose to solve a specific need.

This programming language also helps in business because we can develop software for various platforms like ios, android, and window or web.

Fast And Open Source

C# language lead by Microsoft instead of this there open source project and tools are available on GitHub and that’s why c# is growing fast just because of open source, there are many communities active for language improvement.

Evolution Of C# Programming Language.

Microsoft had built this language earlier only for windows application but after that, however, we have begun to use this language for the console, android, and ios, besides, C# started to be used with machine learning software.

Before bending towards the advantage of C#, let’s discuss the history of c# language;


In January 1999, Anders Hejlsberg had created a team for developing new programming languages, at that time this new language named cool. But because of trademark reason, Anders Hejlsberg changed this language name Cool to C#.

Hejlsberg is a principal designer of C# in Microsoft company also he made various languages like Turbo Pascal, Embarcadero Delphi, and Visual J++. At that time he said in an interview that C++ and Java Pascal languages don’t have fundamentals of the Common Language Run time, that’s why we made C# language.

If you have seen other programming languages then compare to them c# growing fast

Now we will see the version of C# programming language.

version of c#

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The major advantage of c# language that an application which written in c# can deploy in any operating system like android or ios, windows, or cloud platform.

Features of C# Language

There are many important features of C# language that make it more useful and unique compared to other languages.

  • Fast Speed
  • Simple
  • Object-Oriented
  • Modern Programming Language
  • Type-Safe
  • Interoperability
  • Scalable and Updateable
  • Structured Programming Language
  • Rich Library
  • Component Oriented

Fast Speed

C# language is very fast, its compilation, and execution time is too quick.


C# is a simple language. It gives a structured approach to breaking the problem into parts. Also, It has a rich set of library functions and data types. C# language code does not require header files. Its code is written inline.


C# language is an object-oriented programming language. Similarly, Oops makes development and maintenance easier as compare to Procedure-oriented programming language.

However, it is too difficult to manage if the code grows as project size grows. Besides, C# programming supports Data Encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces.

Modern Programming Language

C# language is one of the modern programming languages because it is based upon the current trend. However, it is very simple, powerful for building scalable, interoperable and robust applications.


C# language is type-safe code that can only access the memory location and has permission to execute. Therefore, it improves the security of the program.

In C# language, you can’t perform unsafe casts like convert double to a Boolean. Its value types (primitive types) are initialized to zeros and reference types (objects and classes) are initialized to null by the compiler automatically.


Interoperability is the process that enables the C# programs to do almost anything that a native C++ application can do. In brief, language interoperability is the ability of code to interact with code that is written using a different programming language. It can help maximize code reuse and, therefore, improve the efficiency of the development process.

C# language provides support for using COM objects, no matter what language was used to author them. However, it also supports a special feature that enables a program to call out any native API.

Scalable and Updateable

C# language is a computerized scalable and update-able programming language. However, one important thing is, that to update your .Net framework. you have to kill your old files and update them with the new one.

Structured Programming Language

C# language is a structured programming language. However, structured programming languages is a subset of procedural programming that enforces a logical structure on the program being written to make it more efficient and easier to understand and modify.

In other words, to solve large problems C# programming divides the problem into smaller modules called functions or procedures each of which handles a particular responsibility that’s why C# language called a structured programming language.

Rich Library

C# language is rich in the library. So that it provides a lot of inbuilt functions that make development fast.

Component Oriented

C# language is a component-oriented programming language and supports component-oriented programming through the concepts of methods, properties, events, and attributes (or metadata), allowing self-contained and self-describing components of functionality called assemblies.

In the above section, we talked about the C# programming language, now we discuss the advantages of C#.

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Advantages of C# language.

The advantages of C# language must be known by every programmer or those who are interested in a programming language. There are many advantages and features of C# language that make it a more useful programming language than other programming languages like Java, C, C++, etc. In this article, I am going to tell about the advantages of C# language.

However, there are many advantages of C# language but some are the important advantages of C# language which are described here.


In the above section, we already discussed that C# programming language is a pure object-oriented language so that it allows you to create modular maintainable applications and reusable codes. This is one of the biggest advantages of C# over C++ languages.


The most important requirement for C# programming is the NET framework. Your machine has to install the NET Framework to run your application well.

Automatic Garbage Collection

In C# programming, a very efficient system installed that collects and erases garbage automatically present on the system. However, we called that C# language is very efficient in managing the system because it doesn’t create a mess in the system, and the system doesn’t get hanged during execution.

Avoid the problem of memory leak.

The major benefit of C# language is its strong memory backup. C# programming language contains high memory backup so that memory leakage problem and other such types of problem is not occurring as it happens in the case of C++ language.


C# language has a rich class of libraries that make many functions easy to be implemented. The C# programming language influences most of the programmers of the world and has a history in the programming world.

Better Integration

An application written in .NET will have better integration and interpret-ability as compared to other NET Technologies. C# programming runs on C.L.R that making it easy to integrate with components written in other languages.


The maintenance cost is less and is safer to run as compared to other languages. C# language can develop iOS, Android and Windows Phone native apps, with the help of the Xamarin framework.

Familiar syntax

It is pretty easy to pick up and work productively with a working knowledge of languages like C, C++, Java because its core syntax is similar to C-style languages.

Programming support

You can buy support from Microsoft in C# programming. If any issue occurs you can solve it with the support of Microsoft.

Properties and Indexers

C# programming has features like Properties and Indexers which are not available in Java language.

Most useful

It can develop iOS, Android and Windows Phone native apps, with the help of the Xamarin framework. However, it is also greatly used for developing a Windows app (Mobile, Desktop).

Most Powerful

C# language is the most powerful programming language for the .NET Framework.

Motivate towards work

We already discussed that .NET applications work on Windows platforms only and Microsoft keeps retiring support for old Windows platforms. So always you would need to upgrade your .Net framework.

But after the upgrade, this could be an advantage or a disadvantage as well. Hence, it always motivates you to work hard and excel in your field and this is a good thing in my point of view.

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There’s a big community—very spacious

In the world of committal to writing and programming, the importance of a useful community on that you’ll be able to rely merely on can’t be immoderate. Also, there should be a platform to exchange ideas for better programming.

And it has happened, one such community of useful programming specialists is found on Stack-overflow. Where you can ask questions about C# coding mistakes and any other query. also, you can answer any posted question.

Advantages of C# language over Java language

Here are some advantages of C# language over Java language that makes it more useful than Java.

  1. Since C# language is a .NET language, therefore, it supports language interoperability. I mean that it can access code written in any .NET compliant language and can also inherit the classes written in these languages. But this is not possible in Java language.
  2. The portable executable file of C# language can contain any number of classes, while, the ‘.class’ file in Java language contains only one class.
  3. The classes in C# language are grouped in Namespaces, while, in Java language classes are grouped in Packages.
  4. In C# language, The variables of primitive data types are more powerful, while, in the Java language, the variables of primitive data types are less powerful.
  5. C# language contains features like a Properties and Indexers, while, it is not available in the Java language.
  6. In C# programming, we can easily call Windows API function and access COM components, while it is quite difficult in Java programming.
  7. C# language supports Operator Overloading, structures and pre-processors directives, while, Java language has none of them.
  8. In C# programming, namespaces are not related to the directories, while, The packages in Java programming are directly related to the directory names.
  9. C# code on compilation generates a “.exe” or “.dll” file which is also called a portable executable file. These files contain the Microsoft Intermediate Language (M. S. I. L. ) code. While the Java code on compilation generates a ‘.class’ file, which contains byte-code.
  10. In C# programming, the methods are not virtual by default, while, in Java programming, the methods are virtual by default, which degrades the performance.

Disadvantages of C# Language.

  1. C# is completely based on Microsoft .Net framework this is the reason why this is not a flexible language.
  2. As we know if we change anything in C# written code than we have to compile first. One more thing that when we start WPF software we get a slow loading problem and that’s the reason why C# runs slowly.

Let’s discuss why different community likes C# language.

Why software developer loves C# language?.

C# programming language is highly expressive and type-safe.

  • It has a built-in advanced code editor and debugger.
  • However, Visual Studio supports the window-based application. This thus an awesome feature of Visual Studio IDE.
  • C#language syntax is similar to others. OOPS, based on C- languages (C, C++, and Java), which makes it very easy to work productively with a working knowledge of C# languages.
  • C# language has also pointer as C++. But C# added unsafe and fixed keywords.
  • They protect code when we are working outside of the compiler.

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Why game developers like C# language.

For developing games, Developers have widely used C# language Using the “unity Game engine”(UGE). UGE is the most popular game engine Nowadays. Those games are the top third in-game industries they use to make games in C# language. UGE also use VR. And today industry likes VR(virtual reality) games. And that’s why game developers prefer for C# language.


C# language is very famous among developers. Features of C# languages are very useful for the programmers. It contains most features that a programmer wants. Game developers highly use this language to develop a game using the Unity game engine, which is the most popular today. Of course, there are many advantages of C# language that are above described but also has some disadvantages like other languages that will be described in the next article. Stay tuned with CODEXOXO.



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