Amazon Web Services(AWS) Review


Amazon Web Service is a very secure cloud service platform that provides compute power, AWS hosting, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality to help Fresher or businesses scale and grow.

There are lots of cloud hosting service providers available, Amazon Web Services one among them. But besides of AWS services, any cloud hosting services cost higher for a beginner in cloud hosting.

But as you know almost all technology has some advantages and disadvantages available. So let’s see AWS review on some categories so that you can easily select it.

AWS Review

AWS review

Review On the Base Of Advantage and Disadvantages of AWS Cloud Hosting Services




AWS Prices Don’t think AWS is the cheapest service but AWS available for every user.

If you are an hourly workable user to pay per hour and monthly, and maybe yearly, AWS has hourly $0.08 to monthly $57.60 offers available with all necessary features.

Amazon Web Service pricing scheme is very confusing because if you want to upgrade your storage or need any other changes in AWS instances, they take extra charges from users. However, Amazon is trying to reduce its pricing scheme.
Reliable AWS Services As you know Amazon is reliable for its shopping cart, similarly, AWS is reliable from user signup till data storing and management services.

Because Aws service has full attention towards redundancy and server cloning or data backup. it’s is a very secure service.

It has limited bandwidth or storage space similar to others.

if any user wants lots of storage capacity then they have to move for other companies.

AWS Customer Support AWS users should not have to worry about their technical knowledge.

Because AWS customer support reps will guide you with everything about your query.

Aws user can contact Amazon customer executive through the live chat and email or by a phone call at any time,

Sometimes when you need extra support then AWS customer executive offers you to purchase 29$ per month customer support.

For more information you can visit our Web Page Server Management.

Reviews  According to AWS Server Locations

AWS services now available in 69 zones and under 22 geographic areas around the world, and planning for thirteen more availability zones and four more extra AWS Regions in Indonesia, Spain, South Africa, and Italy.


So if you stuck in any AWS problem whether it’s regarding storage or technical query. Then contact us at  +1-844-275-0975 or visit our site And don’t judge Amazon Web Service on different website’s reviews until you use the AWS server.

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