Give a personal touch to your Prestashop e-commerce store with our Prestashop website customisation services that are offered by Code XOXO.

If you own an online store which is developed using the Prestashop e-commerce platform, you would probably want to give your online store a new design that adds to your personal touch and preferences.


Prestashop website customisation is possible at Code XOXO

Our developers at Code XOXO can assist you in customising your web-store the way you want it to be. It’s simple and easy to change the appearance of your e-commerce store’s website with the help of themes and templates that will allow your website look appealing and interesting to visitors who view your online store’s website on their computers and mobile devices.

All aspects of your e-commerce website, which include the header, body and footer, can be efficiently customised by our expert developers. Choose from our wide range of themes that fits your taste and customise your Prestashop e-commerce website within a few minutes.

Retailers and entrepreneurs who trade their products via Prestashop e-commerce store on the internet can easily make changes to various things, such as:

  • Brand logo
  • Banner images
  • Website and font colours
  • Increase or decrease font size
  • Menu
  • Buttons
  • Tables and columns
  • Website backgrounds
  • Content layout
  • Module design position
  • Product image layout
  • Navigation control design
  • Back office design and layout

Our Prestashop website customisation services experts give you a complete makeover of your e-commerce store’s website without any hassle. Most importantly, you do not require any technical skills to overhaul your Prestashop e-commerce website. Everything is done by our Prestashop website customisation support experts at Code XOXO. Talk to our experts today.

Our experts can be reached any time to assist you with the visual customisation of your web-store’s website. You may simply contact us via phone by calling us on our support help desk toll-free number <enter_phone_number> and avail assistance immediately. You may also contact us by starting a live chat with our Prestashop website customisation experts or you may send us your request via e-mail on our support e-mail address <enter_e-mail>. Our Prestashop experts can guide you in and out with our professional and industry-compliant services.

If you need assistance, contact us right now. We are available 24/7 on our support communication mediums – phone, live chat and e-mail.

Customise your Prestashop e-commerce website with themes

Themes allow you to make visual changes to your online store’s website with ease and less effort. You do not require additional software in order to customise your e-commerce website with themes. It’s that simple!

Our developers at Code XOXO can help you completely transform your Prestashop e-commerce store’s website with custom themes that are easy to edit and install on your website. These themes give your website a very different and elegant display that is both compatible with your website and pleasing to your eyes. Above all, you do not have to struggle with any programming code as all the designs are pre-coded and included in the templates. These templates allow you to quickly install the desired theme on your Prestashop e-commerce website on the fly.

Also, if you require additional changes which are to be made to your e-commerce website, our expert developers at Code XOXO can easily and efficiently carry out the user-defined tasks with our Prestashop website customisation expertise and services that we render to all online merchants who use the Prestashop e-commerce platform for running their online stores.

Services offered by Code XOXO for Prestashop website customisation

Code XOXO delivers one of a kind support services to small, medium and large-sized merchants who run their web-stores that are built on the Prestashop e-commerce platform.

From developing a new e-commerce website to customising it all the way in order to make your web-store look authentic and brilliant, our Prestashop website customisation services is what you will need to transform your e-commerce store from top to bottom.

We cater to the needs of online retailers and entrepreneurs with the following Prestashop website customisation services:

  • Expert Prestashop website customisation solutions
  • Theme installation and uninstallation
  • Template and theme code customisation
  • Complete altered design for website header, body and footer
  • Themes with website compatibility
  • Integration of custom modules and plug-ins
  • Responsive designing
  • Mobile platform compatibility
  • Upgrades
  • Prestashop migration
  • Third-party app integration
  • Carry out and implement tasks in a timely manner
  • Render result-oriented solutions for Prestashop website customisation
  • 24/7 Prestashop website customisation support and maintenance services

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