How Code XOXO Helps You Integrate Database To Your Website

If you have created a new website, either for carrying out your business operations online or simply for personal use, there are certain things which you will require for making the best use of your website. One of these things is the database.

At Code XOXO, our developers carefully guide you through the process of creating a back-end database for your website that is built on the Wix platform.

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Having a database allow you to store and fetch details of various elements, such as:

  • Product information
  • Product inventory
  • Customer details
  • Other information
  • Images
  • URL links to web pages

Each element is stored in the order of categories. This further lets you sort information quickly and easily, with just a few simple key strokes on your desktop computer or other supported devices. For instance, if you are running a website which deals in selling products to customers, storing the details of each product in the database will let you stay updated on the information. Also, you will be able to access the same information, or even modify the necessary information directly in the database as and when required by you.

  • Store all your website’s content in a secure and hosted database
  • Connect elements on your website’s page to fields in database collection
  • Change web page content for each item in your collection
  • Collect necessary information and store them in your database collection

Connecting Database To Your Website

After having successfully developed your website on the Wix platform, building a database for your back-end operations is equally essential. Need help with integrating a database to your website? Our developers at Code XOXO can assure you 100% guaranteed satisfaction by providing you world-class services. We adhere to the industry standards in order to give you the best experience.

The process of integrating a database like MySQL to your website and then connecting to it via a Content Management System (CMS) makes your tasks very efficient. You do not have to worry about any code implementation or install expensive tools just to get your database to work correctly and without causing any sort of interruption.

Let our developers handle the set up and integration of the database into your website, while you can remain free from any hassle.

If you need assistance, reach us on our help desk number <enter_phone_number> or send us your queries via e-mail at <enter_e-mail>. Our support experts at Code XOXO will assist you immediately.

We Make Managing Your Database A Smooth Activity

Managing collections in your database is not at all a difficult task. With a few simple methods, you will be ready to go. You can manage your database from a single management panel that will let you perform all of these functions given below:

  • Set permissions for a database collection
  • Dataset modes
  • Sandbox data
  • Live data
  • Modify fields in collection
  • Delete a field from collections
  • Import data to your collections
  • Export data using the Content Manager
  • Database collection schemas
  • Create reference fields

The various processes that are involved in the smooth functioning of your database and your website as a whole, are carefully dealt with by our developers and support experts at Code XOXO.

Get in touch with us for a complete solution to all your database integration and management needs.

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