Transfer Your Existing Domain to Wix

Want to transfer your current website domain to Wix? Welcome aboard and get help right away!

At Code XOXO, we render one of the best services to help you get things done quickly and efficiently. If you own a business or personal website and are thinking of switching over to Wix, you will certainly not regret the decision that you have made.

We verify your website domain’s eligibility before proceeding with the transfer process. This is to ensure that you do not experience any kind of trouble or run into errors. The transfer process should be quick.


Link/Connect Your Website Domain From Your Wix Account

You can easily link your website domain with Wix through a user account. Just register with a Wix domain and point your website to Wix to begin with the domain transfer process.

Connecting your website domain with Wix is a simple and time saving process. Additionally, we have a team of highly skilled and certified experts who can be reached to assist you throughout the process.

Our experts can quickly link your website to Wix’s domain in just two simple methods:

  • Connecting your website domain using nameservers
  • Connecting your website domain using an IP address

Simply create a Wix account and connect your website to Wix’s domain. With a few clicks of the mouse button, you are ready to go!

You get a site manager that allow you to manage your website and all its content. It has a user-friendly interface that lets you navigate through its pages and content for a smooth user activity.

Storage and bandwidth can be upgraded as per your needs

Transferring your website on the Wix domain hosting platform offers you sufficient storage space for keeping your website’s data and other information and the same being readily available for access using any device such as a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet device.

You can also upgrade to a more larger storage space that gives you abundant space on the virtual hard drive to store your website’s data. It’s safe as well. The cloud storage servers offer high-end data security and are very well-maintained by the system administrators.

Get faster bandwidth

A higher bandwidth allows your website to load more quickly as compared to the speed of a lower bandwidth. Plus, you also get the option to upgrade to the premium plan to avail a much faster and reliable bandwidth, especially required by businesses.

We believe in rendering world-class services to our clients. We also strive to deliver the best solutions with regards to your requirements.

Benefits of Transferring Your Domain to Wix

An individual or a business owner may have many reasons when deciding to move to another web hosting service provider. Considering the various reasons that each person or business may have, the experts at Code XOXO makes certain that you will have an amazing experience and without burning your pocket.

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Optimised
  • Managed storage
  • Manage database
  • Made to handle massive traffic
  • Regular server OS updates
  • Server maintenance
  • High-end security
  • Server monitoring
  • Server Firewall configuration
  • Regular data backups
  • Offers e-mail system
  • Best upgrade plans
  • Low on cost
  • In-house system administrators
  • 24 hours support

Renewals at lower and affordable rates

Register your website at Wix’s domain and save money every year on renewals for importing top-level domains such as ‘.com’. We  guide you in switching your website over to the Wix domain.

Get SSL security for your website’s address

SSL certificates provide security to your website domain with advanced encryption technology.

Transfer Your Wix Domain To Another Domain

We also help you transfer your Wix’s website domain to another domain of your choice. Our experts are here to guide you with the process effectively.

Choose among various web hosting providers and we can guide you get connected easily.

Moving your website domain to another host is carried out through the following stages:

  • Transfer your website’s files
  • Transfer your website’s database
  • Configure your application to work with the new domain
  • Point your Wix website domain’s DNS to the new domain

Instant Help and Support Services

Code XOXO aims at providing on demand help and support services round the clock. You can avail assistance from our certified support experts at your own comfort. Getting help is very easy at Code XOXO’s support centre.

If you need assistance, feel free to quickly contact our support experts on the help line number <enter_phone_number>.

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