Use Wix Templates to Transform Your Online Store

Owning a Wix online store for your e-commerce opens the door to unlimited opportunities. It also provides online merchants a starting point to make the best out of your Wix e-commerce website through quick and easy customisation.

Customising your Wix online store’s website is made a lot easier and responsive with the help of Wix templates. If you are wondering why you require a template for your Wix e-commerce website, the answer is this. A website template delivers pre-built design and page layout that gives your online store’s website and all its content a basic structure, appearance and characteristics. It also gives you the privilege to edit the display of products and their information on your Wix online store’s website.


You will find hundreds of free and premium Wix templates at Code XOXO. Select the ones that appear best to you. Our developers create original and elegant templates that allow you to modify your Wix e-commerce website and bring visual improvements. If you need help with Wix templates, our support experts can assist you right away!

No matter what you sell on your Wix store, we offer various categories of Wix templates for your preferred e-commerce profession and services. We have listed a few of these below:

  • Entertainment
  • Photography
  • E-books
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Events and Marketing
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Health and Medicine
  • Furniture
  • Electronics and Home Appliances
  • Groceries and Food
  • Flowers and Plants

Want to try one of our templates on your Wix online store? Simply give us a call on our support desk number <enter_phone_number>. Our Wix support experts at Code XOXO are readily available to help you with answers and technical solutions.

Benefits of Using Wix Templates

There are a lot of benefits for using Wix templates for your online store’s website. See some of the benefits that you get when using a Wix template:

  • Can be used by any person

    It is very simple to use a Wix template. You do not necessarily require core technical knowledge or skills to work with these website templates. Each of these Wix templates are developed carefully by our developers and works on all major web browser applications such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera and others.

  • Has user-friendly interface

    The user-friendly interface makes these Wix templates very easy to use and navigate through different web pages. The navigation control buttons and links which can be easily clicked to view information on your e-commerce website.

  • Drag and drop editor

    Simply click and move things around such as placing menu, headers, content, images of products, audio, videos, social media links, etc., where you want on your online store’s website.

  • Customise your way

    Wix templates are fully editable. So, go along the way and start customising your online store’s web pages that best matches your personal likes. Each website template offers elegant designs and styles that fits well to the type of online trade which you carry out in the e-commerce marketplace.

  • Ease in maintenance

    Wix templates can be easily managed right from your online store’s content management system (CMS). You can make plenty of changes on your Wix e-commerce website according to your likes. Using the website editor makes your tasks much easier and efficient.

  • Display product blogs or articles

    The use of Wix templates allow you to display blogs and articles that are related to the products which you sell on your Wix online store. You can also provide information and updates to visitors about your online store.

  • Display photos of products

    Using Wix templates on your online store provides the feature of adding and displaying pictures of commodities on your Wix e-commerce website that are for sale to online visitors. It uses all image file formats that are supported by your web browser application.

  • Add audio and video files

    You can include a number of audio and video files on several web pages in your Wix e-commerce website. Standard browser multi-media file formats are supported which can be easily played and/or viewed by your online visitors.

  • Set up owner/member login area

    Wix online store owners can set up their account sign in page which gives you the administrative authority to view and access information and other details of your e-commerce store. Setting up your account sign in page is just a few clicks of the mouse button.

Contact Experts at Code XOXO for Help

We provide help and support services to Wix online store owners who are based throughout the world. Our Wix support centre comprise of vast teams of skilled web designers, developers, customer support experts and professional consultants.

  • Wix Template Set Up

    We help you through the complete set up process within minutes. Simply choose from a wide range of professional website templates for your Wix online store and we will get it done for you immediately.

  • Maintenance and Optimisation

    We provide regular maintenance and optimisation services to Wix store owners. Our technical support experts carry out essential analysis which includes performance checks, website uptime, web page and content layouts, search engine optimisation and much more.

  • 24/7 Live Support

    We render our support services round the clock. Our on demand customer support services adhere to the industry standards for solutions. You can easily reach our support desk for assistance by dialling the toll-free phone number <enter_phone_number>.

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