Flash To HTML5 Conversion Services

HTML5 is a modern technology that has changed the shape of the web with its rich and qualitative abilities that enhances the overall experience of enterprises and individuals as well.

This also proves to be a great option for internet users who do not wish to use Flash for viewing video contents on the internet. So, if you are among such anti-flash individuals, then here is something that will give you a more brilliant and safe web experience on the internet. Start using HTML5 right away!


Codexoxo is a leading web solutions company that is focused in rendering HTML5 as the best alternative to Flash Player files (SWF) for websites and mobile devices. We convert flash to HTML5 with our state of the art technology and skills that make us stand apart in the market.

HTML5 Benefits That Will Enrich Your Web Experience

Get our flash to HTML5 conversion services today and relive your online experience without having to lose anything – nothing. Call us and we are ready to cater you with our services.

Flash to HTML5 conversion offers the following benefits:

  • Full audio and video support

  • Accessibility across devices and platforms

  • Game development

  • 3D animation and graphics

  • Better interactivity

There’s more to what HTML5 technology can do and be used as to fulfil many web tasks for enterprises as well as individuals who use the internet just for anything.

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Easily Convert Flash (SWF) To HTML5

Converting Flash content to HTML5 can help enterprises attract more audience who use desktops as well as mobile devices.

We offer end-to-end flash (SWF) files to rich media HTML5 conversion services. Our flash to HTML5 conversion services include:

  • Flash (SWF) files

  • Supports audio, video, SVG and more

  • Compatible with all web browsers across devices and operating systems

  • Has a built-in support for rich media elements

  • It’s output is light-weight and consumes less memory

  • It performs well even in low-powered battery devices

  • Flash design to HTML5 design

  • No browser plug-ins required to run flash content

  • Supports responsive web design

  • It renders graphic content that is similar to flash

  • Carrying out QA testing of the final output

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Get in touch with us to get your existing Flash content converted into a more structured and organised media content that is compatible with HTML5 framework.

What we also offer as independent service providers include:

  • Convert Flex to HTML5

  • HTML5 Games

  • HTML5 Videos

  • Convert ActionScript to JavaScript

  • HTML5 Upgrade

  • HTML5 Animation

  • HTML5 Design Conversion

  • HTML5 Development

  • Convert Flash e-Learning to HTML5

  • Flash to HTML5 Migration

Codexoxo holds several years of experience in providing flash content to HTML5 conversion services to clients and thus, upgrading your digital experience and happiness.

Why Choose Codexoxo

Codexoxo has over hundreds of satisfied clients. We have worked on and successfully completed several projects, thereby committing to timely delivery of all finished projects at hand.

  • Convert Graphics and Illustrations into SVG

  • Convert Flash Timeline to CSS Animation

  • Convert rich multi-media to HTML5 Animation

  • Transition to HTML5

  • On Demand Support and Assistance

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