HTML5 Rich Internet App

The internet has taken a much different and sophisticated turn in delivering immersive experiences to individuals as well as various businesses that use the internet for fulfilling their e-commerce operations.

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) make your web browser as responsive as a desktop application. It’s like having a desktop software application embed everything into its app and offers the best user experience on the World Wide Web (WWW).


Are you still using a traditional website that does not offer modern features and is somewhat stopping you from growing your internet experience? Well, it’s time to welcome new changes and get benefited in the long run.

So, if you are missing a few things on your typical static HTML website, then we suggest that you immediately upgrade your website with functionality of the so-called ‘present digital era’.

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HTML5 Rich Internet App (RIA) Services By Codexoxo

Codexoxo provides seamless services of transforming static web pages into a dynamic and more responsive experience.

With the use of modern tools and several years of expertise in the area, Codexoxo is able to deliver finished projects, while adhering to the guidelines of industry standards.

  • Web-based graphical interface embedded with functionality

  • Better visual experience

  • Images of varied texture, shape and size

  • Drag and drop function

  • Uses latest version, i.e. HTML5

  • Sharp graphics

  • Fast performance

  • Brilliant animations

  • Improved interactivity

  • Secured connection over HTTPS

  • Impressive fonts

  • Audio and Video functionality

  • Online conferencing

  • Built to improve user engagement

If you need assistance for your website, you can always contact us. Our certified web programmers are equipped with in-depth knowledge and sophisticated tools to help you create a whole new experience on the internet.

Why You Should Consider Using Rich Internet Application (RIA)

If you are still using a static and an older HTML website, whether it’s for your personal passion, or you are running a business online, it’s time that you now give your website a complete ‘new age’ transformation. Therefore, to help you with this, Codexoxo renders authentic services through the use of modern tools and a team of highly skilled web designers and programmers.

The major players in the HTML5 RIA arena include:

  • Adobe Flash

  • Apache Flex

  • Java Applet

  • Angular JS

  • JavaFX

  • Microsoft Silverlight (requires .Net Framework)

  • Other technologies such as Xforms, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML and XSLT

How You Get Benefited From Codexoxo’s HTML5 RIA Services

There are various benefits of using the HTML5 Rich Internet Application services offered by Codexoxo.

  • Rich Internet Application (RIA) architecture

  • Based on plug-ins

  • Favours HTML5 alternatives

  • Bears characteristics of desktop application software

  • Performs updates faster

  • Enhances user experience

  • Graphically enhances web pages

  • Real-time streaming of multi-media

  • Direct interaction with web page elements

  • Able to generate rich client-side user interface (UI)

  • Allows greater efficiency

HTML5 is the current standard for delivering rich internet applications (RIAs) that is supported by all major web browsers and across different operating system platforms.

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